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Interior Design is a Dialogue…

In the last decade an eclectic style in interior decoration has been promoted by leading architects and interior designers in Europe and the USA, and therefore also found fruitful soil in Israel.
The aim of creating an artistic and intellectual dialogue between old and new, between antique and modern, by combining exterior and interior architectural elements of different periods, has challenged new ideas of contemporary design.
Puristic postmodern buildings get warmed up with a sprinkle of an antique piece of furniture or object, and walls embellished with antique prints, serve as artistic and historic quotations.
These original antique prints of the 18th and 19th century, mainly depict architectural elements such as columns, arches, even whole buildings, or drawings of furniture and designs of art objects of former periods. In combination with today’s interior design they create an inspiring and sophisticated dialogue between “then and now” and may even serve as a decorative substitute, instead of expensive antique objects or pieces of art.
We excel in our consultation how to upgrade a certain space within a reasonable budget. Carefully chosen frames play an important part and may reach a surprising effect, when adapted in an unconventional manner.
Original antique maps, once only in the hands of collectors and connaisseurs,
turned lately into desired objects for interior decoration. Their historic value and timeless beauty reflect an atmosphere of elegance and distinction.
A framed antique map on the wall, even as the sole decorative item at the office or at home, upgrades the whole room.
Original colorful Art Deco lithographs are a feast for the eye and add “salt and pepper” to an otherwise monotone atmosphere in modern rooms.
Historic buildings, nowadays often turned into boutique hotels or trendy restaurants,
demand special attention regarding the “outside-inside” dialogue. The aim of preservation is enriched by antique prints and old photographs on the walls, depicting and documenting the history of the site.
The harmony of a space is last but not least achieved by a smart and sensitive choice of pictures, completing the desired style.
The rich collection of antique lithographs and engravings to be found in our store at 42, King George Street, Tel- Aviv, has become a source of inspiration for interior architects and private clients, interested in unusual and unique objects for their walls.
Unsurpassed in Israel, many pieces find their way into lofts in New York, beach houses in California and other corners of the world.
It is with great joy and personal involvement that we share our experience gained in several projects in the public and private sector – always eager to enter new ventures, which will translate the visual language of our professional and private clients in



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