Map Collecting

Map Collecting is a Passion …

Often it begins with an unexpected coincidence, when a particular item catches one’s eye and opens the interest into a whole new field.

Many of our customers were exposed to the world of antique maps for the first time when entering into our store in 42, King George Street, Tel- Aviv.

Our rich display of original maps from the 15th – 19th century, depicting the Land of Israel, the Middle East and other areas, has often initiated the interest for the history of mapmaking and the special art of antique maps.

The uniqueness and outstanding position of Holy Land maps fascinates beginning and experienced collectors alike, as the cartography of the Land of Israel can be referred to as “the cradle of mapmaking”
The biblical account of the apportioning of the Promised Land among the 12 Tribes of Israel by Joshua is meticulously described in the Old Testament, and represents the first literary reference of mapmaking in the history of man.

Since the early times of mapmaking in the middle ages, and later with the invention of printing in the 15th century, the mapping of the Holy Land has always demonstrated a central and special position, reflecting the deep interest in the country of the Bible and the relevance of its exploration.

We take great pride in the fact, that often we are the source and inspiration
for the initial interest of map collecting . We are dedicated to assist and consult our local and international clients on a very personal level, keeping in mind particular points of interest, inclination and naturally, their budget.

Modest and discerned collectors alike  feel  at home with us and experience our devotion, expertise  and common joy in selecting a “piece of history “.

The longstanding relationships with our clients are our greatest satisfaction.

Each item is supplied with an international certificate of authenticity, acknowledged world-wide.
We are the only members in Israel of the International Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association and Verband deutscher Antiquare and obliged to their code of ethics.



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Opening Hours:
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